Andy Wullmer “TrafficCaptain” founder of

Andy Wullmer made his first diver license in 1996 in Venezuela as an Open Water diver with PADI.
He worked there 2 years in a hotel and was on many dives with tourists.
Later he made his Advanced Diver PADI license in the Phillipines and has dived many wrecks from the 2nd World War.
On Curacao he later got his Rescue Diver license and accompanied some projects for the protection of the turtles with local divers.
He then took his exam to become a PADI Master Diver in Thailand, where he fights against the pollution of the world’s oceans by plastic with the project and supports it through scoial media actions.
The community of DiverForce stands under the motto Discover and Protect and collects donations and sells t-shirts to finance diving education for young people in developing countries. And then to free the reefs from plastic waste.