Video: Egypt – Wadi Lahami and Fury Shoals – Red Sea Diving expierence

Wonderful diving in the ‘deep south’ of The Red Sea in Egypt at Wadi Lahami – Fury Shoals. Wadi Lahami is the most southern village of Red Sea Diving Safari (180 km south of Marsa Alam airport). From there we made 16 dives on the world famous Fury Shoals. Wadi Lahami Village gives the opportunity to dive on the reefs that were previously only accessible for liveaboards. The Fury Shoals offer very nice reef structures such as caves and reef blocks that allow the sunlight to enter beautifully.
Several wrecks can also be found there are slowly overgrown by corals. Diving locations in the south are still quiet, so they work like a magnet on all kinds of fish and other marine life, beautiful coral gardens full of life are everywhere, and a group of dolphins lives at the famous ‘Sataya reef’ and can be seen while snorkeling. Dive sites: Sharbour, Torfa, Lahami South, Habili Gazella, Abu Galawa Small (wreck dive), Shaab Claudia, Abu Galawa Big (wreck dive), Banana Reef, Iron Garden (wreck dive), Shaab Angel, Shaab Malahi, Habili Daisy and Satayah (snorkeling with dolphins).

Thx to the source: Jurrien Wiss

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