Video: Bahamas – Sharks of Tiger Beach

Diving with Tigers, Hammers, and Bulls at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas with Shark Diver Magazine aboard the Dolphin Dream Liveaboard.
Shot with a Sony RX100 MK5 w/ a Fantasea Housing and Ikelite Dome Port

Just in regards to some of the comments… You’re actually safer underwater with these guys than swimming at the surface. Being at the bottom takes away their ability to sneak up under you. Maintaining eye contact also keeps them in check. They only test you when you’re not looking. They also can’t swim backwards, so if you just redirect them, they keep on moving. As far as the rolling goes, they do that entirely on their own. It’s physically impossible for a human to flip over a 1,500 lbs. animal with just a couple fingers. One last thing, once the bait is gone, they scatter and want nothing to do with us. And it’s never nearly enough food or often enough to disrupt their normal behavior. Anyways, enjoy!

Thanks to Steven Paige

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