Video: Malaysia – Sipadan – Island

What started as a calm dive ended up to be a heart-pumping one when we hit a strong downcurrent during one of our dive in Sipadan Island. The downcurrent happened a few minutes into our drift dive. You will hear my dive instructor ringing his bell (01:11) to call my attention. He was signalling (not caught on video) for me to swim upward but I told him I couldn’t (in sign language, of course! 😂). I was too tired and the current was just too strong. You’ll see in the video that I was actually close enough to the reef but I was moving too fast (downward) that I couldn’t hold on to a rock or a coral (✌🏼). I also got scared because I might hurt myself if I try to grab or hold on to something. Because I was already struggling and in the verge of panicking underwater, my instructor and the local divemaster came to my rescue. 😅 Everybody managed to hold on to something and just waited for a few seconds for the downcurrent to pass. 😅

Source: MayenTV

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