Video: Mexico – Cenotes – Underwater Caves

Discover the underground world of the Caribbean! Join our amazing descent into the mysterious dungeons of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. In thisp relaxation video you will have luck to make an underwater journey through the extraordinary cenotes. Sound is original. Cenotes are natural pits in the terrain filled with underground water. The ancient Maya called them “the gateways to the realm of dead” and believed their waters to be sacred. You will meet fabulously beautiful play of bright blue and green colors at the cavern entrance. Admire the underwater caves, bizarre formations, glorious rays of sunlight piercing the water, the ceiling and walls of the caves resembling a Gothic architecture and other impressive things. Look at the water surface from below and catch a sense of wonder happening to you, verging on disorientation. Exploring an underwater cavern is always thrilling, mysterious and capturing experience. Let the bottomless blue waters of the dungeon evoke a feeling of exciting anticipation and delight. Music and the nature sounds that greeted you at the beginning, fade away as you dive. The sounds of gurgling water and the regular breathing of a scuba diver create a unique white noise that is good to calm down and balance.

Source: 4K Relaxation Channel

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